Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sanitation removes just under 8,000 lbs of litter over long weekend to ensure City drains are ready for Rainy Season

The Sanitation Service Authority and the Drainage Department of the Environment Ministry have removed 7,200 lbs of food containers, silt, waste, as well as both plastic and glass bottles from City drains from the weekend ‘til May 5th, so as to be ready for the rainy season.

This ongoing project is a joint effort between Sanitation, as well as the Ministries of the Environment and Public Transport along with other Governmental departments to not just clean Bridgetown, but ensure it stays clean.

Maintenance began since 15th April on Roebuck Street, other areas included; - outside of the City Centre car park, along St Mary’s Church, by the Old Town Hall which now houses Barbados Tourism Investment Incorporated, Cheapside, Fontabelle, Baxters Road and Fairchild Street. Early on the morning of Tuesday 5th May, SSA teams tackled drains along Tudor Street.

The Authority – whose mandate includes the drains in and around the City – will also restore drains and continuously maintain among other areas including; Spencer Gap, Harbour Road, King William Street, Spring Garden, Eckstein Village, Chapman Lane, Barbarees Hill, Westbury Road, Kensington New Road and Chelsea Road in the near future.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Food donation from the SSA arrives at crucial moment for HIV/AIDS Food Bank

The Management and Staff of the Sanitation Service Authority have been collecting non-perishable goods for the HIV/AIDS Food Bank during the month of April, and its delivery on the last day of April assisted that organisation when they needed it most.

All departments of the Authority were invited to contribute various items like toothpaste, canned goods, pasta, boxed-juices and other similar foodstuffs and toiletries. The donations were coordinated by Executive Secretary Jan Husbands, who noted that the major contributor to this initiative was the City Depot & Public Bath on Reed Street.

When the goods arrived on the morning of April 30th, one of the Food Bank’s volunteers was elated – Ms Kelly Morgan stated the food bank was exhausted and had nothing else left to give to its clients.

Food Bank Manager, Ms Donna Barker, told SSA Manager Stanton Alleyne of her wish to see corporate Barbados to follow the SSA’s example of organizing similar donations, even going so far as to “Adopt-A-Shelf” where companies can select an item and amount and look to donate that target each month.

Mr Alleyne stated how pleased he was to be a part of giving back to the community, and he reminded everyone to do their part to help the HIV/AIDS Food Bank and call them at 467-9399.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

SSA Collection Details for April & May 2009

The Sanitation Service Authority would like Barbadians to please note the collections concerning National Heroes Day and May Day 2009.

Tuesday 28th April 2009, refuse collections run their normal routes and both Mangrove and Bagatelle disposal sites will be open from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm.

On Friday 1st May 2008 all SSA departments will be closed,
 including all disposal sites and the five national cemeteries.

The Authority is reminding the public that the SSA cleans up before and after any special events – call us at either 430-5019 or 430-5052. Let’s keep Barbados clean at all times!

Remember; do not set out any refuse until 6:00 pm on the night before your next collection. SSA Management and Staff thank the public in advance for their support during these holidays.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

CO Williams Alert - St John, St Philip & Christ Church

The C.O. Williams Construction Team has started excavation work from the Consett Bay entrance (near St. Mark's) through to the turning point of the Transport Board bus at College Savannah and no traffic will permitted through this section during the day.

Work continues on shoulders of the ABC Highway between Lowlands and the Chickmont Roundabout where you must exercise additional caution; Grading and concrete curb work continues between Eastbourne No1 and No 2 on the Wellhouse, St. Philip project and traffic will be detoured through River Land; while at Cox Hill the road is closed where trenching work is being done.

You are reminded that the C.O. Williams Construction team also continues work in Belleplaine from the junction at East Coast Road to Soil Conservation at Haggatts, St. Andrew which is closed to all traffic while excavation work is done during the day and alternate routes must be used. 

That roadway will be reopened at night, BUT particular caution MUST be exercised. The C. O. Williams Construction teams thank you for your understanding, cooperation and kind consideration as they move the earth to please.

Friday, April 17, 2009


The Barbados Government has reiterated its commitment to the three R’s philosophy – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – and has added a fourth – Recovery!

This commitment was recently enunciated by Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe, while addressing the launch of the University of the West Indies’ Recycling Initiative at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination.

Government…is absolutely committed to the 3R’S philosophy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and at the launch of the 3R’s fair on September 13, 2008; we introduced a 4th – Recovery – as part of Government’s commitment to adding waste-to-energy to the equation for addressing solid waste management in Barbados,” the Minister told the gathering of recyclers, university officials and other guests.

Making it clear that returning items for reuse or recycling was “not a new practice for Barbadians”, Dr. Lowe cited the Returnable Containers Act of 1986 which, according to him, had “worked well” to reduce the amounts of glass and plastic containers entering the landfill. He noted, however, that it did not adequately address other containers.

For this reason, the Act is being revised to ensure that it is more relevant to today’s situation, as the number and types of items that can be recycled have increased,” the Minister explained.

Minister Lowe, however, stressed that several types of waste were still being recycled on the island, including paper, plastics, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, cooking and automotive oils, newsprint, cardboard, batteries and other electronic wastes.

Dr. Lowe said Government was also embarking on a number of initiatives including the establishment of the Solid Waste Management Centre at Vaucluse, St. Thomas. The facility will include a transfer station for the processing and sorting of waste; a chemical waste storage facility; as well as a materials recovery and composting facility.

He added that Government was also examining the feasibility of pursuing a number of waste-to-energy options, including incineration and the conversion of landfill gas-to-energy. (CG)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sanitation’s Collection Details for the 2009 Easter Weekend

The Sanitation Service Authority would like the public to please note all details for refuse disposal over the long Easter weekend…

On Good Friday, 10th April 2009, all departments of the Authority will be closed.

On Saturday 11th April 2009, both Mangrove and Bagatelle will be open for regular business and all burials scheduled for the five national cemeteries – Westbury, Christ Church, St. James, Bushy Park & St. Peter – will run as per normal.

On Easter Monday, 13th April 2009 normal collections will resume. Both Mangrove and Bagatelle will open from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Sanitation also provides cleaning services both before and after any special events – call us at either 430-5019 or 430-5052. Let’s keep Barbados clean at all times!

Don’t set out any refuse until 6:00 pm on the night before your next collection. The SSA’s Management and Staff thank the public and wish all a safe and blessed Easter weekend.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Barbados' Sanitation Manager presents Certificates after completing refresher on 4-Day Seminar for Mechanical Workshop

The Sanitation Service Authority has presented certificates to eleven participants to a refresher in the RTA Fleet Management Software Systems for members of the Mechanical Department after a four-day workshop.


The seminar was prepared by Ron Turley Associates to conduct hands-on training to streamline and improve the department’s maintenance of the Authority’s vehicles; Technical Support Manager Bill Lawson hosted the course.

Ron Turley Associates developed this computer programme to assist the Authority in capturing and recording vital information on the vehicles as they perform their tasks daily.


The SSA’s Manager Stanton Alleyne says the objective of the seminar ensures participants in familiarity with the RTA Fleet Management Systems and its components. Once applied correctly then Management and users can make important decisions on how to maximise service on various routes.

In addition, by training members of the Mechanical Department in this workshop, they become multi-skilled and fulfill the Authority’s mandate of institutional strengthening.

Included among the features in this software;-

·        Financial history from purchase to scrap

·        The number of repairs done on any given vehicle

·        What parts were used and their cost – also logging who did the repairs

·        Service history, downtime, fuel and oil usage, etc.


The Authority’s Manager presented certificates to eleven members of the Mechanical Workshop who found the course very rewarding and valuable. 

In addition, a presentation of mementoes of Barbados to Mr Lawson was done as a token of appreciation for his excellent service.